Proudly Introducing

Now in the U.A.E.

We sell
on your behalf.

Let us generate sales for you.

Plug-n-Sale is a service line that 
generates sales for you.

You’ve worked hard to create your 
product. You want to see it succeed 
and you are ready to sell, but this 
comes with many challenges and 
requirements of its own.

When you partner with us, you can 
focus on your core business areas 
as we do the work on your behalf.

Explore why you should work with us 
and understand the process behind 
how we generate sales.

If your business faces
problems with:

Let us solve it for you:

Increase your sales
using the Plug-n-Sale
service line!

Lets get started…

We do it for you!

We don’t tell you how to sell,
how to recruit, or how to do
your Digital Marketing,
we do it for you.

Sales Support Team

The salesperson is supported by a
team that specialises in all the areas
that are needed to produce the best results for your business.

No hassle, no extra costs

Plug-n-Sale is hassle-free, it
eliminates the added expense
of having to find, recruit, train a
sales team. Make us your team!

Ready to take care of your sales

Our sales team is professionally
trained to sell. To sell you well, we
learn everything about your product,
market and your competition. Let us
turn the spotlight on you!

You are the product

We do not have a product, you
are the product. We have the
team with an engaged network
and the know-how. Why waste
time exhausting your resources?

Convert your visitors to customers

We spend time researching your
business, competition, and market.
We then get you more sales
by converting your visitors to
customers - the right customers.

Our Sales Support Team

A Simple solution for generating sales.



We carry out a deep analysis of your entire business



We make your
presence more



We create
curiosity around
your brand



Sell more than
you did

Front Office

Front Office

Get one-on-one

Why go through the
hassle of hiring?
When you could
be selling!

Let Plug-n-Sale sell for you…

These are the areas which will ,
that’s where you can .

Plug-n-Sale provides you with a winning team that eliminates all of the above,
allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Explore the and
of working with

Building a business is
hard-work, let us find
the right team for you

Let us be your
gateway into the
U.A.E. market.

No need for an office,
trade license or
physical presence…

Do you want to enter the U.A.E. market and expand your customer base?
Dubai is where you should be looking at. The countdown has already started
to one of the biggest events in the world - .

We validate for you:

We do an in-depth analysis of your
business and the market to identify
opportunities for you to capitalise

We raise awareness about you:

We show people who you are in
the best way possible and make
you known.

We can sell on your behalf:

Either by selling directly or finding
the most suitable distribution
channel partners.

Explore the and
of working with

Financial value

There is greater financial value in working with
us. Apart from saving on hiring costs, you get a professional team that can bring you 10x awareness, 10x opportunities, 10x connections and 10x sales.

Identify ideal customer profiles

We will work closely with your representatives to win the ideal customer, in a faster and cheaper way. We will increase your customer lifetime by customising offers to enhance their satisfaction.

Identify goals and KPIs

Our team will conduct the necessary research according to your specified goals and work out
the most conducive path to achieving them.

Utilise and update data for predictive analytics

We will combine the data you give us with our own research to predict purchases. We will also attract, retain and grow your most profitable customers.

Safe experimentation

With us, you can experiment with new customer bases, products and promotions with reduced risk. You can try new marketing strategies in a low-stakes environment.

Downsize your sales team

You can eliminate the cost of maintaining an in-house personnel by using our skilled team instead.


You don’t have to put in work to establish a brand presence. We will use our network to do that for you.

Higher efficiency

Channel partners like us can bring in the same amount of revenue as five or six salespeople at a fraction of the cost.

Customer assistance

We offer customer support and service so you can focus on new business endeavors without sacrificing existing customers.